Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanx Juju!

Yes! Bulan ni adalah bulan MAKAN PUAS-PUAS. Within 2 weeks, I managed to eat KfC 2x, McDonalds 1x & yesterday, Juju belanja us (me, Rina & Lea) Pizza Hut *nyummy* Maybe this would be our last together-together before we go our own separate ways. To Juju & Rina, all the best with your working life! And I do hope both of you will go to Italy.

Today, my paper was FAR. The paper that I've been waiting for. It was a disaster! SUSAH beb =(. And as usual, I watched Desperate Housewives & found this funny video. Watching this video made me laughed so badly! *I heart Rio Ferdinand =P*


What do girls know about football? I'm a girl and I love watching football! I'm a supporter of our own local football team *Selangor* & EPL team *Manchester United* Watching football is entertaining & sometimes frustrating. I love the excitement, the cheering & the guys *hihi* Yes, I'm not good at giving comment on the tactical or the skills, but I'll try my best to give *cute & sweetest* responses...Hahaha

Monday, April 28, 2008

KFC = Kenapa Fyra 'Chubby'?

Diriku bangun 3.30am and woke up at 10am. I stayed up late not because so busy studying but instead I was busy chatting and watching funny videoclips. Today, I decided to eat KFC, bought Snack Plate & Cheezy Wedges *nyummy*. My revision for today went very smooth, I managed to revise almost 3 out of 8 chapters for FAR..OK la kan????

And as usual, hariku tidak akan lengkap without watching any of my favourite TV series, so I decided to watch Ugly Betty. This time the episode was about Betty's birthday. Instead of spending her birthday with Henry (her nerd-accountant boyfriend...duh!!!), she spent the day with this dude named Gio (dude selling sandwich at her office) whose secretly has feeling for Betty. At the end of the episode, Betty was thinking whether she's with the right guy (Henry or Gio). Yes, to know whether the guy/girl you are dating is the 'right one' is difficult!

Semalam, ada pulak match between Man Utd and Chelsea at Stamford bridge. Rooney managed to break the record of 6 years which Man Utd failed to score any goal at Stamford Bridge! But unlucky for Man Utd and ME, we lost! The game that made me so bengang! If Ballack, Carrick, Rio & the ref are in front of me, no doubt I will sepak-sepak, lempang-lempang & cubit-cubit (for Rio only) them.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

CRG 520 & Ani Sup Utara

Today, I woke up at 6.30am..damn early for Saturday! I had CRG520 paper which is Business Ethics! Alhamdulilah, only left with 4 papers. We (me, Lea, Puteh & Mas) decided to have lunch at Ani Sup Utara which of course nasi ayam is our favourite. I decided not to drive. But I prefer to 'tumpang' Puteh's car...hehe!! After makan-makan, I went back...checked my email, read latest gossips (it's a must!) & watched Prison Break..the more I watched Prison Break, the more confused I got. As I am not that sleepy, here I am..typing letters to make sentences for my blog.

4 days left till I say sayonara to my beloved bed at Baiduri. This also mean I will not be able to online 24/7...no more YM, download my favourite series (Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty & Prison Break) =( and update my blog till my dad decide to install streamyx (ohh...ayah plsss!!!!)

Mood: Boring!

April is the month which my ayah & nephew Ukasyah celebrate their birthday! Ayah is on 23rd April and Ukasyah is on 10th April. The whole family decided to celebrate Ukasyah's birthday on 12th April..Aunty Gee bought a cute cake which was not dat 'cute' to eat (sorry Aunty Gee!!!). We sang 'happy birthday' song...and then, our birthday boy started to cry!!!

He's crying!!! Huwaaaaa....

Last year birthday! cute =P

Friday, April 25, 2008

Good News & Scary Story!

I received good news today!
Lea: jpa masukkan duetttt
Lea: rm****~!!!!
Haha!!! This is what all of the JPA scholars have been waiting for almost a month!! I received this good news while studying Business Ethics..and suddenly what goes inside my mind has nothing to do with ethics...but...i'm thinking when & where am i going to spend the money!! Alamak...ethical ke tak ni???

Later, in the afternoon..I had my lunch all by myself =( Then, I went to Mas's house to study Business Ethics together with Lea & Puteh. I stayed there until 11.15pm but just minutes before I'm going back. Puteh told this:
Korang penah dengar cerita tak, malam-malam....kat station minyak......blablabla
My heart was beating damn fast when she started to cerita..Yes! I admit, I am a bit penakut..Imagine yourself, you will be walking alone to your car at night and she started to tell you this story..isn't that a bit scary? Luckily, I parked my car in front of Mas's house. Btw, she's staying at flat. My very kind friends (Mas,Lea & Puteh) decided to tolong tengok-tengokkan from the window..just in case, someone or something? trying to do bad on me. Alhamdulilah. I reached Baiduri safely!

Statement: I'm scared of KUCING @ CAT

Explanation: I don't know why but yes! I am penakut of kucing *haiwan kesayangan Nabi*.

Fact #1: If I have lunch at a place where KUCING exist, you can see me so kelam-kabut trying to finish my makanan. Yes, I'm scared the KUCING will want to eat my makanan! Hehe

Fact #2: KUCING at my house penah cakar my jari while I'm trying to give him/her food. I'm phobia. Now, if I want to give KUCING at my house makan, the jarak between me and the KUCING will be at least 1 metre apart. Btw, a lot of KUCING suka lepak-lepak outside my house!

Fact #3: My cousin has KUCING at her house. When I'm sleeping at her house, I will cover my whole body *head to toe* with blanket because the KUCING love to lalu-lalang while I'm sleeping.

Fact #4: KUCING can be a stalker! Yes, it happened. As I walked with my friend to our cars, there was this KUCING keep following us. To make matter worse, both of us are scared of KUCING! We put our own life in danger as we had to walk in the middle of the road to avoid the KUCING. *sigh* smart KUCING stupid US! Until it reached to a point when we decided to pecut 100metre to our own car. Hey, I managed to reach inside the car first and straight away locked the doorcar! again! stupid ME! *mcm la KUCING tu tau bukak pintu kereta pulakkan!* My heartbeat was beyond average.

Fact #5: I used to bela anak KUCING. But sadly, tak hidup lama! FYI, I cannot bela KUCING as I have asthma =(


Thursday, April 24, 2008

My 1st Post


Wow..i am a blogger now! well, do i really have something to tell about?? At 1st thought, the answer was no..but then i realized, hey..i was born 22 years ago..there must be thousands of stories that i can share with readers. Later, i thought..who will be the reader?? erk...i have no idea! in general..everyone or anyone??? Ooo yeah, i should be studying right now because i'm having my final exams..boring!!! nah...i can do it later...lalala...

Oh no! only 6 days left...i will be moving out from Baiduri! leaving my beloved roommates (Rina & Juju..hehe) as all of us decided to move out from dis house starting May. For the past 2 years, i'm sharing room with them..we had a lot of happy & sad moments together..to Rina & Juju, thank you for being my roommates! Leaving this room also mean that i will seldom online...gosh!! i can't imagine..what am i suppose to do?? i just started blogging..later, i can't always online? this can't happen! i will force ayah to install streamyx at atah's (my beloved granma!) house..

Talk about what i eat for 2day, Milo kotak for my breakfast, i ate McD for my lunch and for dinner? i can't decide yet..maybe Milo kotak again! 'healthy'? u decide!