Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanx Juju!

Yes! Bulan ni adalah bulan MAKAN PUAS-PUAS. Within 2 weeks, I managed to eat KfC 2x, McDonalds 1x & yesterday, Juju belanja us (me, Rina & Lea) Pizza Hut *nyummy* Maybe this would be our last together-together before we go our own separate ways. To Juju & Rina, all the best with your working life! And I do hope both of you will go to Italy.

Today, my paper was FAR. The paper that I've been waiting for. It was a disaster! SUSAH beb =(. And as usual, I watched Desperate Housewives & found this funny video. Watching this video made me laughed so badly! *I heart Rio Ferdinand =P*


What do girls know about football? I'm a girl and I love watching football! I'm a supporter of our own local football team *Selangor* & EPL team *Manchester United* Watching football is entertaining & sometimes frustrating. I love the excitement, the cheering & the guys *hihi* Yes, I'm not good at giving comment on the tactical or the skills, but I'll try my best to give *cute & sweetest* responses...Hahaha

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